Sunday, July 6, 2014

Two Sealed Packs Of 2006 Benchwarmer Cards I Got For Free In A Listia Auction That I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

I won these two benchwarmer world cup packs about three weeks ago in a listia auction. I sell amazon gift codes that I get from swagbucks to get these items. If you sign up under me on this site I get a cut of your earnings that I will use to buy more items for my disease research contests. These are from 2006 and there are 5 cards in each pack. If you've never heard of Benchwarmers these are cards of pin up models and B movie actresses in attractive poses. Don't worry, they are pretty much PG-13 so parents shouldn't have anything to worry about. I picked these up because I like to have a wide variety of stuff available for my contests. Each series of cards has a theme to it like Las Vegas girls or hot for teacher. This particular series has a sporty theme as do most of these types of hobby cards. You have a chance of pulling some autograph  and insert cards from these packs. Often the really rare cards will be relic type cards that have a piece of clothing or shoe in them. Some sets of cards also have kiss cards where the model has kissed the card. Some of the rarer cards will be numbered as low as 1/1.

I am putting these sealed packs in what I like to call the treasure chest. It's really just a cardboard shoebox but in the long run I'd like to have some nice looking chest or locker to put them in. Maybe I will get something that looks like a real pirates treasure chest. The treasure chest will serve two purposes. I will fill it with tons of random hobby packs from every sport along with a fair amount of non-sport packs. I will use this chest to pull packs for people that comment on videos and posts that I'm running a contest on. You will comment and then you will get one entry. Once the contest is over I will use a random listing program to pick the winners. This program will shuffle the list and set one name at the top and that will be the winner of the single pack. Usually there will be 5-10 comment winners in each contest. In addition I will sometimes give bonus pack to people that win the main prizes for running the world community grid program. In some cases I will let you pick the packs from the chest and sometimes I will grab them myself without looking. Here is a list I keep of what is in the treasure chest. Remember to join my world community grid team below if you want to be eligible for these packs and lots of other great sports and non-sports hobby packs.

Download the program here. It will only take one minute and the program should start running automatically. It will also run by itself every time you start your computer.

Then just join team Endthedisease through this link.


  1. These type of ards are a good way to promote any worthy cause, especially ones like yours

    1. thanks for the reply. So far I've had 10 comments on this blog and all have been spam. You are the first person to type out a full sentence.