Saturday, July 12, 2014

Six Packs Of Factory Sealed Baseball Cards I Bought From Value Packs At Walmart To Add To The Treasure Chest For Future Contest Prizes

I've been buying a few of the three pack repacks they have for sale at walmart lately. These are three packs of miscellaneous baseball cards for three dollars. Because of the way they are packed you can usually see what series two of the packs are from. The third pack will be a mystery until you open the cardboard flap that is glued to the back. For the most part the cards will be in good shape and from some decent series from the last 3-10 years or so. Sometimes an old pack from the 80s or 90s will be thrown in as the third unseen pack which you might be happy or upset to get depending on what it is. I got a 1988 big baseball card pack that was torn open so I had to use some tape on it. I wasn't very happy about that but it happens sometimes in these value grabs. Be sure to try and check for bending in the packs before you buy and get them early before they have all been searched through for the best packs.

This is what I got from the two $3 value packs I bought.

1x Topps Big Baseball 2nd Series 1988
1x Tristar Projections 2008
1x Upperdeck 2008 First Edition Update
1x Upperdeck 2007 Series One
1x Topps Chrome 2008
1x Topps 2007 Opening Day

All in all not bad packs for the low price. I just wish I could find football cards or any other sports cards in cheap repacks like this. Where do you guys get your value packs at or do you even but them?

If you want a chance to get these cards you need to learn about how world community grid works. Check out this link for more information.

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