Saturday, July 19, 2014

11 Packs Of 2013-2014 Score Panini NHL Cards And 7 Packs Of Prizm Cards I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

Today I picked up some blaster boxes of NHL cards but I decided to pen them and put the sealed hockey card packs into the treasure chest for random pulls and for the comment contests. I'm not a big fan of hockey but I do have some friends online that are obsessed with the sport. I know more than a couple of guys in Canada that will want to try and win some of these.

The score cards are from the 2012-2013 season and there were eleven packs in the blaster box along with a clear see-thru pack that looks like it has three cards in it. I don't know if this is a hit pack or just base cards as I can't see what the third card is. I will keep it safe and use it as a bonus prize at some point in the future. There are twelve cards in each of these packs and there is a chance for autograph cards with these.

The prizm cards are from the same NHL season as above. There are seven packs here with four cards in each pack but you can always pull an autograph from one of these packs.

As far as hockey goes I will not be adding as many packs from this sport as I do for football or baseball. The main reason is that I like to try and focus on the types of sports that are most popular in America. I will mostly be shipping to the 50 U.S states to save on shipping. I will try to ship to Canada at some time and if the costs of mailing cards isn't too high then I might start purchasing more Hockey cards.

As always to win some of these great prizes you need to be running world community grid. You can still win a few packs from commenting during a contest but the big prizes are for running this program and doing disease research that could lead to cures for cancer.

This second link allows you to join team Endthedisease. You need to be a member of this team so I can calculate your points and see who wins when a contest is running.

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