Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A 2009-2010 Upperdeck Dual Rookie NBA Relic Card Numbered 13/99 Featuring Brandan Wright Of The Warriors And Jason Smith Of The 76ers

This is a card I won from a listia auction I bid on about a month ago. I thought it would be nice to start picking up some single relic and autograph cards to give away in future contests. This was kind of an impulse buy. I mostly want to deal with cards that are valued at over $10 in the future but I so want a few lesser value cards as well. I was honestly too lazy tonight to take a pic of the card but it looked great to me so I just took the pick from the listia auction and pasted the front and back images of the card together to make this blog post. The seller took a little longer than normal to ship and so they offered to send me a bonus card. I don't know if it was for this reason or because I told them about what I was doing with my world community grid and folding@home project but they sent me a nice Kobe Bryant die cut card. I'm not going to take a pic of it but I will post an image to the same card at the end of this post. Anyway I'd like to thank listia user misterBill for his generosity as I believe that card is probably worth more than the card I won in this auction. Both of these cards will be up for grabs at some point in future contest but for now I want to concentrate on building up my collection of singles so that winners will have something to choose from. If you are looking at auctions on listia be sure to look up this great seller. I have seen him post some great football, baseball and basketball cards in some of his recent listings but I don't have enough points to try to get them right now. Maybe next month after I sell some amazon gift codes I can try to win more auctions. So lets have a look at the details of this card.

The Card
This is a dual relic card and the jerseys are game used. If you're getting a jersey card without an autograph you will at least want it to be a game worn jersey card. This is also a rookie card for these players. It's a low numbered card with the serial numbers below 100. It's an Upperdeck card, I'd rather it be Topps but that's ok. All in alll it's a good card but nothing that is going to go skyward in value in my opinion.

The Players
Brandan Wright was playing for the Warriors at the time this card was printed, now he is with the Dallas Mavericks. He suffered from some injuries early in his rookie career and wasn't able to reach his full potential as a player but there is still time for him to shine with the Mavericks. He actually has had some pretty good stats in his last two years as a player, nothing outstanding but this card should at least retain it's value with him on it.

Jason Smith is another player that was traded early in his career. He was drafted by Miami but was quickly traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. He now plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. He is another player with decent stats averaging almost 10 points a game but again nothing outstanding.

And here is an image of the Kobe Bryant card I got. It's probably worth more than the card above even though it's a base card. That being said you can pick it up for under $5 easily.

As with all the card you see on this blog you will need to be a member of one of my grid crunching teams if you ever want a chance to own these. Hopefully this link will give you an idea of what you need to do to be ready for future contest where the prizes will be sealed packs of sports cards and great singles like these. Learn what you need to do here. Remember contests run for 1 month and I do not do them every month.

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