Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A 2012 Topps Football NFL Cards Hobby Box I Bought To Use As Prize Packs For Future World Community Grid Contests

I am totally crazy and I'm giving away some fairly expensive product before I get sent up to the nut house. I recently picked one of these 36 pack Hobby boxes up online to break open and use as prizes for future contests on my world community grid and folding@home teams. I paid about $100 for this and you can get it a little cheaper if you look around but this is about the standard price for your basic topps 2012 NFL 36 pack box. I believe this was the year topps messed up the numbering system on their card for this series and it made a lot of people angry but there are still some good cards here. You might even get to pull out an Andrew Luck card. There is one autograph or relic card guaranteed in each box and I have seen people pull more than that from these. You also get at least one rookie card in each pack but usually you will get two or more per pack. I'll probably be giving five packs away as a prize so that will mean at least 7 people that participate in my future world community grid and folding@home contests will get some of these sealed packs. I will not break this box until I'm ready to start mailing out the cards to the winners.

Here are some youtube videos of people opening this box or the same product so you can get an idea of what you might get.

This is a retail box but the same packs. You are guaranteed one rookie in every pack and she pulled multiples in almost every pack. She also pulled a gold parallel insert numbered 1469/2012 and a Jake Long commemorative patch. There were also many inserts and tons of Andrew Luck cards. Remember this was a 10 pack retail box and usually you get better cards in the larger hobby boxes.

Another retail value box break of 10 packs of Topps 2012 football NFL cards. Again we see rookie card overload here. We also have many inserts including a Jimmy Graham gold bordered card, a serial numbered military border Chicago bears team card and a DeAngelo Hall Washington Redskins
commemorative patch. These are all cards that you could just as easily pull from the packs I send you.

This guy bout five retail packs from target and still pulled a NaVorro Bowman gold border card and some inset cards.

Overall these are not bad cards. I like the format of these cards but I'm not a big fan of the photography. Still, you can pull some pretty neat stuff, lots of rookie cards are a big advantage when you end up with a lot of base cards. I also like the retro reprint cards. Remember that you want to win some of these packs you are going to have to participate in my grid crunching contests. Even if I'm not running one at the time you are reading this it's better to go ahead and join the team and start running the program so you will be prepared to compete when the time comes. Besides this program lets you do disease research on your home computer so it's like you are contributing to scientific knowledge just by sitting at home in front of your computer.

 Download the program here.

Then just join team Endthedisease through this link.

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