Thursday, July 17, 2014

4 Packs Of Panini Football 2013 Prizm Cards I Got In A $20 Variety Box I Bought At Walmart That I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

I've just bought another value pack box at walmart. Finally they have some football cards. I swear I went into work yesterday and walked across the street to see if they had anything new before my shift started. I didn't see any kind of mix pack football boxes but 12 hours later when I got off they had just one 13 pack box left. I guess they must have put a bunch of them out while I was on the clock and they had already sold them all but the last one. These are great variety packs to get if you see them on sale. They only run about twenty bucks and you get mostly high end packs that have high hit ratios. The only thing I don't like about them is the sticky glue they use to keep the front cards stuck against the cardboard. This is to insure that the best three packs in the box remain viewable by the customer. Unfortunately some of the glue remains on the packs so you end up with two or three packs that are going to stick together if you try to store them like I do. When I place these in the treasure chest I will just wrap a piece of paper around them. I have never had a problem with this adhesive hurting the cards inside the pack though. They will be just fine when you open them.

I'm going to split the packs up and make three separate blog posts for them. It's an excuse for me to have more activity on this blog and it will great more search engine food for Google. If you are reading this in late July I am still waiting to get this blog picked up by the search engines. I've had many blogs in the past and I really don't get motivated until I see the traffic coming in from the big search engines.

So from the variety pack I bought I've scanned the four packs of Panini 2013 prizm cards that were in the box. I know that the 20 pack hobby boxes guarantee you will get two autograph cards and I have seen people pulling signed rookie cards out of packs they got in variety boxes just like this one unboxing videos on the web. I also know that you get at least one rookie card in each of the bigger packs but since these are 4 card packs I don't know if you'll pull one in every pack. I assume not as that would be a rookie card in every four cards but who knows. No matter what you get these prizm football cards look great and have really nice borders on the cards. Some of the cards are low numbered die cuts and you could pull some valuable limited edition cards and maybe even an autograph rookie from the 2013 season.

As always if you want the best chances of getting these cards you need to be running the world community grid program on your computer. Download it below. It's easy and I promis you won't get any popups on this site and there is no danger of viruses.

Click this link and join team Endthedisease. You can post a comment below if you need any help setting this up.

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