Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A 2012 Score Football Hobby Box Of 36 Packs I Bought To Use As Prizes In Future World Community Grid Contests

Here is another 36 pack football NFL hobby box I bought to distribute cards to winners of my world community grid contests. I picked this up for about 30 bones which is pretty much the standard price but it can go for as high as $50 if you don't do your research before purchasing. There are 7 cards in each sealed pack and there are chances for autograph cards including highly sought after rookie cards from this year of printing. Serial numbered cards as well as 1/1 printing plates might be found when you rip open these packs, however there are no odds of these cards printed on the box which leads me to believe that the odds of pulling hit cards are not that high. You can see this as the odds of pulling something really nice being very low if you pick this prize or that if you do pull something you have a card that is more rare.

All this being said these are still score cards and I realize that people don't like score as much as other cardboard producers in the business. I use to buy a ton of these when I was a kid and the cards are have are still in great condition 20 years later. I think I will probably pull five packs per prize option if you choose this as your winning item. If they don't move I will end up sticking most of them in the treasure chest.

On a personal note, I've been very sick lately and that's why I haven;t been making a lot of blog posts. Without going into too much detail I have gone through a whole box of tissues and a lot of flu medicine. I missed a day of work but I'm hoping to make it in Friday. Feeling a little better today so lets hope this is going away. I will probably get a few more posts up in the next two or three days.

You want to win some of these cards? There will be contests running soon. They will be hosted on my Facebook fan-page or my YouTube channel or maybe just right here on this blog. You will have a chance to get 1 or 2 single packs just by commenting on these contests but if you want to get the bigger 5-10 pack prizes you must be using the world community grid application on your computer or smart phone.

Download the program and do the 60 second install through this first link. Once it's running you won't even know it's there.

Then just join team Endthedisease through this link.

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