Thursday, July 17, 2014

6 Packs Of Magic The Gathering Fifth Dawn And 2 Packs Of Odyssey I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

As of today I'm trying to move into some older magic the gathering booster packs. I have well over fifty factory sealed MTG booster packs that are all five to ten years old and some might even be older. I will try to date these and give you an idea of what is inside them but in many cases I have never opened packs that are this old so I'll have to do some research online as I type out these posts. Check out the treasure chest page to see a full list of all the sealed packs I have up for grabs as of today.

I'm still scanning items as I don't have a portable camera or a smartphone right now. I do own one HD camera but it has to stay plugged into my laptops USB drive to work and the cord is only a few feet long so I really can't get good lighting with it. In this scan you can see that I have several sealed packs of Fifth Dawn and Odyssey. Fifth Dawn came out way back in June of 2004. Most of your high value cards are going to be around the ten dollar mark with this set but there are cards that go as high as $30. Some of the best cards to look for from this block are Crucible of Worlds, Engineered Explosives and Vedalken Shackles. These older packs are getting harder to find every day so you might want to scoop these up if you get the chance or better yet get them for free by competing in one of my upcoming world community grid contests.

Odyssey came out in September of 2001 so at the time of this post these cards are already thirteen years old. The most expensive card in this set goes for around $50. When you rip these packs look for Entomb, Standstill and Terravore. There are of course tons of other cards that have a high listing price and these are great cards to hold onto if you want to watch their value rise.

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  1. Thanks, I see you joined my world community grid team. I hope to see you getting some work units done. Let me know if you need any help.