Treasure Chest

Here you will find a list of the current packs of cards and Items that are available in the treasure chest. These are packs you can pick from if you win for commenting on a youtube contest video or a facebook post. The treasure chest will also be used for bonus prizes if you are running the world community grid program. This list will change regularly so check back often for updates.

Non Sports Cards

World Cup 2006 x2
Total Packs = 2

Magic The Gathering
2012 Core Set 15 Card Booster Pack x6
2013 Core Set 15 Card Booster Pack x8
Alara Reborn 15 Card Booster Pack x1
Avacyn Restored 15 Card Booster Pack x13
Conflux 15 Card Booster Pack x1
Dark Ascension 15 Card Booster Pack  x18
Dragons Maze 15 Card Booster Pack  x3
Fifth Dawn 15 Card Booster Pack  x6
Innistrad 15 Card Booster Pack  x11
Mirrodin Besieged 15 Card Booster Pack  x6
Nemesis 15 Card Booster Pack  x3 
New Phyrexia 15 Card Booster Pack  x8
Odyssey 15 Card Booster Pack  x2
Onslaught 15 Card Booster Pack  x1
Planeshift 15 Card Booster Pack  x1
Return to Ravnica 15 Card Booster Pack  x15
Scars of Mirrodin 15 Card Booster Pack  x14
Total Packs = 117

World of Warcraft
War of the Ancients 15 Card Pack  x3
Total Packs = 3

Baseball Cards
Bowman 2014 10 Card Pack x3
Bowman Platinum 2014 4 Card Pack x11
Donruss 1990 19 Card Pack x 42
Topps Baseball Series One 2012 12 Card Pack x15
Topps Baseball Series One 2013 12 Card Pack x1
Topps Big Baseball 2nd Series 1988 x1
Topps Chrome 2008 x1
Topps Opening Day 2007 x1
Tristar Projections 2008 x1
Upperdeck 2008 First Edition Update x1
Upperdeck 2007 Series One x1
Total Packs = 78

Basketball Cards
Panini Threads 2012-13 10 Card Pack x8
Total Packs = 8

Football Cards
Bowman 1991 14 Card Pack x19 
Bowman Chrome 2014 7 Card Pack x8 
Panini Crown Royal 2010 5 Card Pack x1
Panini Prestige 2013 10 Card Pack x8
Panini Prizm 2013 4 Card Pack x13
Panini Score 2013 12 Card Pack x4
Score 1990 Series 2 16 Card Pack x22 
Topps Platinum 2013 5 Card Pack x1
Topps Strata 2013 6 Card Pack x2
Total Packs = 78

Hockey Cards
Panini Prizm 2013-2014 4 Card Pack x7
Panini Score 2013-2014 12 Card Pack x11
Total Packs = 18

Total Number Of Packs From All Categories  = 304

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