Wednesday, July 16, 2014

6 Packs Of Magic The Gathering Mirrodin Besieged And 6 Packs Of Scars Of Mirrodin For The Treasure Chest

I have twelve packs of Magic the Gathering booster packs to add to the treasure chest today. It's early and I'm actually just going to bed right now because I work third shift. I wanted to scan these packs of Mirrodin Besieged and Scars of Mirrodin to get up on the blog before I pass out. I will probably be working a long shift today and into tomorrow so I don't know if I'll be able to post any new stuff for the next two days or so after this. I have a lot of amazing packs I want to show you later in the week though. Hopefully I can squeeze in a post Thursday and if not I'll make up for it this weekend.

Remember if you want to try and get these cards in a future contest you must try to join my world community grid team.

First download the program. It should install by itself. Remember as you run this on your computer you are helping find cures for human diseases.

Then join team Endthedisease through this link. It's really that simple.

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