Monday, July 14, 2014

10 Packs Of Magic The Gathering Return To Ravnica And 3 Packs Of Dragons Maze I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest For Future Contests

I actually have a ton of Magic the Gathering cards in sealed packs that I have been amassing over the past three years. I was thinking about starting an online store at one point but I thought it would be even better to give some of them away in my world community grid contests for human disease research.  I don't know for sure how many packs I have but with the unopened booster boxes and loose packs I have there must be at least 250 packs altogether. I actually probably have a lot more than that. Some of these were bought at walmart but most were bought from online retail sites. Most of the Return to Ravnica packs pictured here were bought at a local comic book and gaming store here in Evansville called the Book Broker.

I have a lot of ideas for starting some contest around just MTG cards. I might run some things on my YouTube channel or I might do some Facebook contests. I might find some brick and mortar stores and do contests with just there customers but also have the comment contest so everyone on the Internet can participate. I also thought about working closely with one of the local shops that hosts Friday night magic tournaments. I know there are at least two places in town that have a fairly large customer base for these events and with the amount of cards I have I could probably help start a new weekly event at one of the shops that doesn't even do tournaments.

In the coming months I will make many blog posts to show off all the Magic the Gathering product that I am basically giving away for free so be sure to add this blogger site to your favorites or bookmark it. 

Many of the prizes I will be giving away in contests will be through data crunching contests on my world community grid team. You will need to be running this simple program that lets your computer do cancer and other disease research that could lead to cures. Download it here.

Secondly you need to join team Endthedisease through this link.

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