Monday, June 30, 2014

A Bowman Mini Box I Bought At Walmart To Give Away In A Future Contest

So on an impulse buy I picked up this Bowman mini box at Walmart about a month ago, I know I am slow on getting posts up but I've had a lot of things to keep up with lately. I actually have about 4-5 posts I need to make for sealed product I have bought for future world community grid  and folding@home contests. This little box has 7 sealed packs of 2013 bowman football cards plus a bonus pack. I think the bonus pack has the hit in it but I'm not completely sure. This was on sale for about $12 if I remember correctly. It's usually twenty dollars on the store shelf but you can get it for under ten if you buy in bulk from several online retailers. This was just a spur of the moment buy though, who knows you might pull a cool auto or relic card out of this.

I do want to pick up a few of these smaller hobby boxes because they are cool and easy to ship. If I buy 10 or more of them online I can get a good deal on them. I'd actually like to grab some of the older boxes as they will contain more valuable cards and I know you guys will work harder crunching data to win them. I looked all over YouTube for some box breaks of this but I couldn't find any.

If you guys want a chance to get this or any of the other prizes I will have you are going to need to be on my world community grid team.

Download the program here.

Then just join team Endthedisease through this link.

Once you start running it your computer is doing valuable scientific research that could lead to cures for many disease including cancer. You can be proud that while you sleep at night you are helping move humanity forward into a future free of sickness and disease. We really need everyone to run this program or folding@home. It's just too expensive for scientists and researchers to buy time on super computers. If just one out of every ten people in the world could be convinced to run this program on their home systems we would be finding new drugs and cures for disease left and right.

Why wait until decades have passed to get new medicines? Instead we should all start working towards a better future now. I challenge you to try this simple program out tonight. Leave it running with your computer on tonight and see how much research data you can complete while you are sleeping. It's better to leave your computer running all the time than shutting it down and rebooting anyway. The money you will save by keeping a healthy hard drive will more than cover the difference in energy expenditure anyway.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How To Win Free Autograph Relic Cards And Sealed Packs Of Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey Or MTG Cards Through Contests

Hello and welcome to my new blog, I know this is a long post but I feel I need to type all this up to really explain what I'm doing. If you want a shorter explanation of how my contests work you can try this post on my main blog.

All contests will be held on either my YouTube channel or my Facebook page. You should follow these social media pages if you want to stay up to date on what I'm doing and so you can be ready for any future contests. This blog will mainly be used to show off cards and sealed packs I have available as prizes and as a way to raise a little extra cash to make future purchases to keep the contests running.

There are three types of contests I will be running. In addition to these contest types there will be other sub contests like free packs to random YouTube subscribers who comment on a video or a drawing for an additional prize for contestants that did not win one of the first 5 or 10-20 spots but still completed a minimum amount of data crunching. Never give up running the program because you think you won't get one of the prize spots because you never know when I'm going to add additional prizes for hard work. Sometimes I do this after a contest is over if I see people working hard to earn the last spot.

Type I - Worldwide Open World Community Grid Or Folding@home Contest

This contest will be open to anyone in the world. You will need to be a member of my world community grid team or my folding@home team depending on which project I am supporting at the time. Learn what WCG and F@H is here. Once you are running the program and crunching data I can see how much data you are completing every day. There will be several prizes offered to the top data crunchers. If you complete the most data within a contest period you will be considered the 1st place winner and you will get first pick of the prizes. 2nd place gets second pick and so on. Usual prize packages will be available for 5 to 10 winners but occasionally I will do much bigger contests if I can get funding to make purchases and pay shipping costs. All contests will start on the first day of the month and run until the last day of that month unless otherwise stated in advance. The grid programs usually collect their last work units a few hours before midnight central U.S time so technically the contest ends just before the change to a new month. I will count all data from your username you use on team endthedisease. Here are some tips that will help you win in one of my contests. These contests will be run through my YouTube or Facebook page so be sure to follow them. Sometimes I may do more than one contest at the same time but usually I will only do one contest every 1-3 months. I will also do simple comment contest where a randomizing program will used to give small prizes to people who comment on my YouTube video or Facebook posts. This will be a way for me to build up traffic and get more team members for the main data crunching competition.

Type II - Limited/Closed World Community Grid Or Folding@home Contest

Same thing as above except I will only ship prizes to certain countries or a specific state in the USA. This is a good way for me to get fresh blood into my team and spread the word about the work world community grid is doing. Some of these contests might also be closed to only a few people. I might decide to run a contest through a comic book shop in New York or a hobby store in Florida. Maybe I will just do a contest through your organizations Facebook page and only let your followers sign up. Closed contests have very strict registration rules to keep people who have won in previous open contests from competing. If I suspect cheating or false identity in a type II contest I reserve the right to withhold a prize from a suspected cheater.

Type III - Charity Raffle Contest

In this type of contest you will donate money to a charity of my choice and your name will be added to a raffle for a prize. In some cases larger donation amounts will get you more entries into the raffle. At the end of the fundraiser a randomizer program will be used to do the drawing and a video will be posted on YouTube or FB to show who won.

Forum Contest

Basically this will be a contest just like any other. I will set up a group of prizes for everyone to choose from. If you are the top data cruncher you will get first pick, 2nd highest cruncher gets 2nd pick and so on. In many cases there will also be a second contest running that will be just for commenting. It will be a raffle contest. You will get one entry for each comment you make in the forum contest thread. This will usually be for 1 to 3 sealed packs or certain cards. Could be one winner selected or as many as 10. Sometimes each forum user will be allowed to make one comment and get one entry during the entire one month run of the contest. Some contest might allow each user to comment once every day or every even numbered day, perhaps only comments added on a weekend will be allowed. Some contest may have mini contest consisting of sports related questions you have to answer or maybe a short story must be submitted as to why you deserve to win a particular card. What ever makes these contests more fun, we will try it.

I might think of a lot of other ways to run these. The main thing to remember is that you must be a member of my world community grid team or my folding@home team to win the bulk of the prizes. Although I am giving away some sealed packs and random cards this is just to build more traffic for the main grid crunching project.

What You Need To Do To Be Ready

Download the WCG program here. After you install the software you must click this second link and click the button that says join team.

Keep visiting this blog for future information on what prizes are available and to see when the next contest is starting. I will be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of sealed product and many autograph and relic cards from every popular sport. I tend to stick mostly to football and baseball but I will also have basketball, hockey, racing, wrestling, UFC and benchwarmer cards. Almost everything will be a signature card and some cards will be worth over $50. I also have tons of sealed packs of magic the gathering so bookmark this blog for future reference.

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Codes While Helping To Find Cures For Cancer And Other Disease

If you are reading this post then chances are you have come here from one of my listia auctions. If not then you should visit this link and sign up for an account before reading further. It's good to sign up under me because I get a few points for each new member I bring to the site that I can use to buy more items for my project. If you already know about listia then skip the first paragraph of this post. If you already know how WCG and folding@home work then skip to the third paragraph.

Listia is an auction site similar to eBay. The only difference is that it uses a point system instead of money. You can buy points through the site if you wish but I generally advise people to not do this since a $1 amazon gift code usually goes for between 1,000-2,000 during a weekend auction as of the date of this post. I'm sure if you are reading this post years after the date I made it this has gone up significantly as points seem to lose their value as time goes by. This shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't sit on your points for many months though. I generally like to bank my points but won't hold onto any large amount for more than six months.

While most people use this auction site to sell items they don't need for points and then spend the points on other auctions I use it to buy items I can have to either give to cancer and disease related charities or to use them as prizes in data crunching contests where members of my world community grid team or folding@home run these programs on their computers. When they have these programs running their home computers are actually becoming research computers. Basically the severs at WCG or F@H are sending your computer small pieces of raw data called work units that your system does the number crunching for. When your computer or smart phone completes the number crunching of these work units they are sent back to the home computers at Stanford University and the completed data is pieced back together. After researchers have a chance to look at this data they can get a better understanding at the shapes and interactions of different proteins and molecules so they can develop new drugs to fight and cure various diseases. This is a slow painstaking process but if enough home computer user can join the fight we can do a lot in the coming decades to help this endeavor move forward.

If you want to double your $1 amazon gift code to a $2 code then all you need to do is download the world community grid program here.

Then just join team Endthedisease through this link.

Post the username you used when you signed up for the program below. You now just have to complete a small number of work units to get you second $1 amazon gift code from me. Right now you only need to finish 25 work units to get your reward from me but in the future I might change that. From my own experience it takes an average computer or laptop 24 hours of running this program continuously to complete 25-50 work units. Of course if you have a much older system it could take longer. You can also go into the advanced preference menu after you install the program and set CPU time to 100%. This will make your work units finish much faster. You will only be able to do this once when you win one of my listia auctions for amazon gift codes  I will be keeping a list of users that have done this but from time to time I might delete this list and start over. Remember that most computers use less than half the energy of a child's nightlight so even leaving your computer running 24/7 will only cost you pennies every month. Plus you can prevent much damage to your hard drive by avoiding shutdowns and rebooting of your system this way.

Remember that all the point I accumulate from listia go towards sports cards like baseball, football and basketball cards and other items that I use as prizes in contests that support disease research through world community grid and folding@home. The only cards I get are high value relic and autograph cards. You can keep track of future contests and even get a chance to be in them by visiting this blog for updates. The best time to check in is towards the end of a month because each contest always starts on the 1st of a month and runs through the entire month, so announcements and posts would usually happen a week or so before the end of the month.