Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Packs Of Magic The Gathering Dark Ascension And 5 Packs Of Innistrad I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest For Contest Pulls

I looked into my big box of magic the gathering sealed booster packs and pulled these out. I'm actually surprised at how many of these I have. I will be pulling a few more from some older sets to make a few more posts but after that I will stop. I don't want the treasure chest to get too full because I want to hold most of my MTG cards back as prizes for the main world community grid crunching contests. I still haven't decided yet if I want the first contest to be sports related or magic cards. Both Dark Ascension and Innistrad are good packs to get a hold of. I think I have added around 30 booster packs to my chest in the last few days. I hope you guys are thinking about joining my world community grid team so you can win some of this stuff. I have only had a few new members sign up since I started this but this blog is still only a few weeks old so I know I'm just getting started. I haven't even really seen any search engine traffic yet. Hopefully by this time next month things will have picked up a bit. I might pull out some mythic rare and rare single cards I have in my old collection too and scan and post them here as possible bonus prizes. I just haven;t figured out exactly how I want to do that just yet.

Hurry up and join my world community grid team so you will be ready to compete for the big prizes when the contests actually start. I have a lot of members but most of them are inactive so it should be easy for anyone to win when the first few contests start running. Download it here.

Then join team Endthedisease through this link. You have to be on my team to win multiple packs but you can still win single packs through commenting in the Facebook and YouTube contests.

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