Monday, June 30, 2014

A Bowman Mini Box I Bought At Walmart To Give Away In A Future Contest

So on an impulse buy I picked up this Bowman mini box at Walmart about a month ago, I know I am slow on getting posts up but I've had a lot of things to keep up with lately. I actually have about 4-5 posts I need to make for sealed product I have bought for future world community grid  and folding@home contests. This little box has 7 sealed packs of 2013 bowman football cards plus a bonus pack. I think the bonus pack has the hit in it but I'm not completely sure. This was on sale for about $12 if I remember correctly. It's usually twenty dollars on the store shelf but you can get it for under ten if you buy in bulk from several online retailers. This was just a spur of the moment buy though, who knows you might pull a cool auto or relic card out of this.

I do want to pick up a few of these smaller hobby boxes because they are cool and easy to ship. If I buy 10 or more of them online I can get a good deal on them. I'd actually like to grab some of the older boxes as they will contain more valuable cards and I know you guys will work harder crunching data to win them. I looked all over YouTube for some box breaks of this but I couldn't find any.

If you guys want a chance to get this or any of the other prizes I will have you are going to need to be on my world community grid team.

Download the program here.

Then just join team Endthedisease through this link.

Once you start running it your computer is doing valuable scientific research that could lead to cures for many disease including cancer. You can be proud that while you sleep at night you are helping move humanity forward into a future free of sickness and disease. We really need everyone to run this program or folding@home. It's just too expensive for scientists and researchers to buy time on super computers. If just one out of every ten people in the world could be convinced to run this program on their home systems we would be finding new drugs and cures for disease left and right.

Why wait until decades have passed to get new medicines? Instead we should all start working towards a better future now. I challenge you to try this simple program out tonight. Leave it running with your computer on tonight and see how much research data you can complete while you are sleeping. It's better to leave your computer running all the time than shutting it down and rebooting anyway. The money you will save by keeping a healthy hard drive will more than cover the difference in energy expenditure anyway.

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