Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Packs Of Magic The Gathering Avacyn Restored And One Pack Of Alara Reborn I'm Giving Away

Just adding a few packs of magic the gathering cards to the treasure chest today. I'm looking through some of the older booster packs I have to list and I'm amazed at what I have. I just wish I had some sealed packs from the first few years of magic the gathering. If I had some of those I could really get some members of the MTG community interested in running the grid program. Some of the cards in those early sets are worth thousands of dollars. Maybe someday I'll save enough money to buy some of them but I would need to buy a whole booster box and that can be very expensive.

Today I just have three packs to add to my treasure box. They are two packs of Avacyn Restored and one pack of Alara Reborn. The Alara Reborn set came out in April of 2009, these packs go for about five to ten dollars online depending on where you shop. Some of the best cards are Jenara Asura of War, Lord of Extinction, Sen Triplets and Sphinx of the Steel Wind but there are many more hidden gems in this series. I won't go into the higher end cards in the Avacyn Restored packs because these are still newer cards. Whatever might be in these packs I hope you all pull mythic rares when you open them.

Remember that if you want to own any of these packs you will have to be participating in one of my world community grid or folding at home contests. I don't have an active contest at the time of this post but when I do run my contests you must be an active member of one of my grid teams to even be able to try and win these magic the gathering booster packs. To learn how WCG works and to join my team please read this post. If you have any questions after reading this plese don't hesitate to ask them in the comment section of that blog post or this one. I am always checking my blogs for user comments and I will reply back very quickly. In addiction you can always contact me through my Facebook fan page. You can find the link to it in the right sidebar on this blog.

Keep watching this blog for future updates. I have many football and baseball packs that I will be posting pics of and adding to the prize pool. I also have many more vintage packs of magic the gathering to upload scans of. A huge giveaway will be coming soon as well, you will only need to run world community grid on your computer for a few days to participate. The only other requirement is that you have a YouTube and Facebook account. I will probably end up giving away hundreds of sealed packs of cards while I'm running this project so keep watching this blog for daily updates.

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