Monday, August 25, 2014

42 Packs Of Donruss 1990 Baseball Cards I'm Giving Away

Recently I was going through some of the old baseball wax packs I have and I realized I had close to 100 packs of Donruss 1990 cards. This isn't anything to get excited about though because these are probably some of the most worthless cards you could own. That being said I really don't want to be sitting on these any longer so at some point in the future I will be running a contest for baseball packs only and these will just be bonus packs I throw out to go with the much better packs that will be the bulk of each prize package. I'm adding these to the treasure chest.

Keeping this post short as I bought some newer baseball packs today that I want to get up on this blog. If you want to get any of the sports packs I show pictures of on this blog you will need to be on my world community grid team. You can learn about the program by reading this post.

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