Saturday, August 9, 2014

Eight Packs Of 2012 Panini Threads Basketball Cards I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

Today I decided it was time to add some basketball cards to the treasure chest since I don't have any yet. I went out and bought a 2012 panini threads basketball blaster box. I decided to open this and scan them because I want to give them away as individual factory sealed packs. There are eight of these packs with ten cards in each, you will have a chance of getting relic cards and autograph cards. I'm getting low on funds to buy more cards but I should be able to pick up more baseball and basketball cards within the next month or two. I am lacking in merchandise for these sports so I want to bulk up just a little bit.

I am also working on putting together the first contest. I will be trying to keep it local in my own city. I live in the Evansville area of Indiana. I want to do this to avoid paying a lot of shipping fees. I will allow a few people on YouTube from other areas to participate though. I will seek these people out myself because I want people that are active in the hobby. There will be a comment contest for a few packs though and anyone in that lives in the USA can try and win these. I will even ship these packs to Hawaii or Alaska if you win one in the comment contest.

Before I start the contest I will have to work on getting participants. I will make a post about this on the endthedisease blog.

For now download the world community program and run it so you will be ready for future contests.

Then join my team through this second link

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