Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nine Packs Of Prizm 2013 Football Cards I Bought To Give Away In Future Contests

I know I haven't made a post on this blog in at least a week but I've been busy and I've really just been waiting to get the search engine traffic coming in before I really go any further with this. I don't know what wrong but it's never taken me this long to get indexed by the major search engines. I will probably concentrate on building up my social media sites and posting on my endthedisease blog until I can see some outside traffic to this blog.

Until then here are 9 packs of 2013 prizm football cards I bought at walmart this weekend. These are the 4 card retail packs. I think these will go in the treasure chest which is starting to fill up with lots of sealed packs of cards. I'll try to take a picture of the big plastic storage unit I'm keeping them in when I get a chance. These came in packs of three with chase cards in each one. I will save the chase cards to give away as well but they will be kept separate. I will also make a different blog post for these. I also bought a couple of older packs of cards in an online auction a few days ago and I already got them in the mail today. I'll have a post coming up that will show you what they are. As I said I will be concentrating more on my other blogs until I start to see some organic search engine traffic from this one so I will probably only be doing one or two posts a week here until that happens. I'm sorry I can't do more but I need to concentrate on my other projects for now.

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