Thursday, August 21, 2014

22 Packs Of Vintage 1990 Score Football Cards I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

I'm going to keep this post short as this is just a repeat of the post I made just a few hours ago. Here is another lot of football cards I've been hoarding since I was a kid. I think I bought these when I was in the 8th grade or maybe when I was barely a freshman in high school. I was an impressionable young lad that thought these cards would make me rich some day. I probably paid about fifty cents a piece for these way back when and now they are probably worth half that. All kidding aside there are still some great cards in these. These can be fun to open when you don't have to worry about reducing the value of your cards plus you can find a few keepers like a Troy Aikman, Joe Montana or Kevin Butler along with a dozen or so other cards. Until these sealed vintage packs make it into your hands they will be added to the treasure chest.

If you are interested in adding some of these cards to your collection or you just want to help with my cancer research project just visit this link below and read up about how world community grid works.

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