Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Seven Packs Of Topps 2012 Series On Baseball Cards And One Pack Of 2013 Series One I'm Giving Away

I was going through the cardboard box that I keep my packs in before I list them on this blog and I realized that I still have some of the baseball packs that I bought in the bargain bin at walmart. I only paid a dollar for each of these but there might be some good cards in these packs and I need to get them in the treasure chest anyway.

There are seven packs of topps 2012 series one baseball cards here and one pack of 2013 series one. I don't know if these will go very fast or not. Even if they don't they will appreciate in value as they age so I'm sure sooner or later someone will grab them as a bonus pull in a contest. If they sit in the chest for years I might just pull them and use them as automatic bonus packs to contest winners.

If you want to be eligible to win sealed packs of cards like these you need to be a member of my world community grid team. You can learn how to join and see some frequently asked questions here.

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