Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Packs Of Magic The Gathering Nemesis And Six Packs Of 2012 Core Set I'm Adding To The Treasure Chest

I'm putting together another post with some magic the gathering booster packs. I want to get some more of these up before I start running contests. In the first pic I have three sealed packs of an older series. These are Nemesis. The Nemesis set came out in February of 2000. There are not a lot of high priced cards in this set from the research I've done but there are some that can go for over $10. Look for Kor Haven, Tangle Wire and Submerge.

The second set of cards are from the 2012 magic the gathering core set. I have six of these. They are only about two years old at the time I'm posting this but they have already risen in value from the day I purchased them.

All of these sealed booster packs are being added to the treasure chest. It's getting really big now. I'm getting close to having 200 packs in it. The first contest for cards will be launched soon.

If you want to be a part of the process that will let you win some of these cards you must be a member of my world community grid team. The following post answers some commonly asked questions about what world community grid is.

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